Screenwriter Says Aquaman’s Going to Blow People’s Minds

Aquaman is a character who doesn’t get a lot of respect. He’s usually considered a light weight. This probably goes back to the 1970s Super Friends cartoon, where he was written as being utterly useless, except to occasionally summon some fish telepathically. Now that he’s getting the big screen treatment, DC has a chance to change that image, and Jason Momoa seems like a good choice to show the king of the seas as a rugged, powerful fighter.

Will Beall, who wrote the first draft for the upcoming Justice League film (which has mostly been discarded now) has penned the screenplay for Aquaman’s cinematic solo film, which will be directed by James Wan. He promises that the film will not disappoint.

In an interview with Collider, Beall said, “It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be really fun. What we’ve come up with and James Wan especially — he has a really clear idea of the tone he’s going to have, and I think Aquaman is one that’s going to blow people’s minds, not just visually, but I think the story and the scope of it is really great.”

He discusses how modern film FX make a movie like Aquaman possible. “What’s interesting is that you couldn’t have done it before. You know, you could do Batman in 1988, but now you have the technology, and it’s going to be cool.”

Jason Mamoa, who will star as the Atlantean superhero, recently told the Hollywood Reporter that he was “Really pumped” for this role, which could mean physically, as well as in attitude. He has previously played Conan in Conan the Barbarian (2011) and Khal Drogo in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Beall says the film is going to be “fun” and in keeping with the major tonal shift that DC is planning for all their films, in order to avoid the criticisms of their last few movies. He points out that Justice League— where Aquaman will make his debut (aside from a cameo in Batman v Superman)–will be much more light-hearted than what we’ve seen from Dc so far. He says, “I think Justice League again is, what you’re going to see — I hope I’m not going to get in trouble for saying this — but it’s much more fun, much poppier, than … I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but Batman vs Superman was a little more somber. But Justice League is a lot more fun. And I think that feels to me like the direction those movies are heading now.”

Co-starring in this anticipated comic book adaptation are Patrick Wilson, who will portray Aquaman’s evil half-brother Orm Marius, beter known as the Ocean Master; Amber Heard as Mera, Aquman’s red-haired love interest; and Willem Dafoe as Atlantean royal advisor Lord Vulko. Aquaman is scheduled for wide release on October 5, 2018.