SDCC 2011: New Action Packed Footage From Rise of the Planet of the Apes

It’s no secret how much I’ve been looking forward to this film.  And every picture and piece of footage we’ve seen so far from this film has made it look amazing.  WETA’s visual effects have really made these apes come to life in a scary way, and this latest footage is no different.

This really is just a sizzle reel.  It mentions nothing of the story and instead focuses on all of the action that will be showcased in the film.  If anything it may show just a bit too much, but it’s still pretty amazing to see.  This is the footage being shown today at SDCC and is currently hosted by Fandango:

Unfortunately we’re having some weird issues with the embed right now but we’ll get it up and running very soon.  Until then, please head on over to Fandango to check it out…I’ll wait.

There were some chilling shots in those clips…and plenty of awesome to go around.  The apes are detailed to the point that you can really see the look of disgust on their faces as they fight with the humans.  It’s kind of scary too watch.  At least with the rubber masks we knew how fake it was.  Now…It’s a little too realistic.

Either way, it’s a great compilation of footage that should have plenty of people excited for this film, even if they weren’t already.  Coming out August 5th (so later in the Summer movie season) let’s hope this film can bring back the Apes franchise in grand style!