SDCC 2018 – Bumblebee Panel Shines With Stan Bush, John Cena, and Travis Knight

Panel Happenings:

Bumblebee panel was so hyped. They kicked it off with a live performance from Stan Bush singing “The Touch”. That’s how you return the Transformers to Hall H! Hailee Steinfeld and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. came out with Travis Knight they were fun, but it really got dope when they mentioned the villain. “Fight For Your Right” blared, a lot of lights went off, and John Cena made his entrance through the crowd. He controlled the crowd and owned the room the rest of the panel. We learned that Starscream is not in the film, which sucks. But it’s Blitzwing we’ve seen in the trailer.  Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime, was in audience and asked a question as Prime!

Trailer Footage:

We got an extended trailer that revealed Optimus Prime in the film, in hologram form, and extended scenes of Bee getting his ass kicked by 2 decepticons, then how he got to Hailee, and basically their entire first meeting.

Travis Knight Reveals

Travis says this story is an origin story. Bee has always been the one transformer with the most connection to humans. We found out who he was before us, and why he is who he is.

Do we get to visit his world in this movie? Knight says yes. We will visit Cybertron! “And it is awesome”

The villain decepticons are triple changers! They have 3 separate forms. Robots, Muscle cars, and aerial vehicles. Shatter into a jet, and Dropkick into a chopper.


Overall, I thought the footage was awesome, just the scene between Bee and Blitzwing had me sold on the action!

Bumblebee arrives in theaters December 21, 2018!