SDCC 2018 – Halloween Panel Shows A Massacre in Preview Footage

Another trailer that may never see the light of day, outside of Hall H at SDCC 2018, is Universal PicturesHalloween, a Blumhouse Production.  While that is unfortunate, our team was on the case and drafted up a recap for what they saw.  Action, BC!

Trailer Scenes:

Footage was basically an extended trailer. Few more shots and longer sequences from the first. Opened with a tracking shot of a violent scary Myers, murdering two women in different households next door to each other, leaving a child in a crib crying.

Panel Happenings:

The biggest thing of the panel is a family that came to ask a question.  They spoke about how Halloween and Jamie Lee Curtis saved his life. When an intruder broke into his home he didn’t know what to do and he thought about Halloween in an instant and went running to the neighbors like Laurie did, with nothing to defend himself with other then two knitting needles. Jamie was so moved she went down off stage to speak to him and hug him.


Halloween looks vicious and violent. I was expecting less Michael Myers, more like the first with The Shape. But it looks like it is really a new take on the lore of Halloween. 

Halloween arrives in theaters October 19, 2018!