Batman: The Killing Joke is WB’s Next Animated Movie

During a panel at SDCC for the upcoming Justice League movie, Bruce Timm (Producer) announced that The Killing Joke is one of the animated studios upcoming films. The film is slated to release in 2016.

 Other details are rather scarce at the moment regarding the movie, but one positive note for fans is that Mark Hamill once stated he would love to return as the voice of Joker if this were to ever be made. So perhaps that will happen?

DC Comics also announced that two other animated films are expected to release in 2016 as well which include Batman: Bad Blood featuring Batwoman, and Justice League vs Titans!

Even if you are not too thrilled about the animated movies you could look at the other titles and note that some animated movies have hinted at the future of the actual cinimatic universe. Several key assets that appeared in the animated movies are now happening on the big screen with live action adaptations. Ben Afflecks Batman costume and Suicide Squad were both featured in recent animated movies just before the live action counterparts were released. is also hinting that Harley Quinn could make an appearance in The Killing Joke. She was not originally in the graphic novel back in 1988, but recent reports show that voice actresss Tara Strong (Harley Quinn) was in studio recording an unannounced title. Bruce Timm avoided the questions just before announcing The Killing Joke. Could she appear due to increased popularity? 

 Slight Comic spoilers below!

The Killing Joke is a story by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland that revolves around Joker escaping Arkham and shooting Barbera Gordon. He then utilizes tactics to terrorize Jim Gordon, and it’s a really dark and interesting read. If you haven’t already I highly suggest checking it out.