SDCC: New VR Style Warcraft Movie Teaser Released

The trailer was on Youtube, but due to it being a full experience you actually need an app to see it. You can download the official Legendary Pictures app on either iOS or Android to see the trailers.

Once downloaded (400MB) you can use your phones accelerometer to utilize similar features as a VR headset to look around the worlds. The trailers play out more like teasers than anything so if you were hoping for a big Warcraft trailer to get excited about, sorry, but that may come later this weekend.

The teasers were built for Google Cardboard, which is meant to be a cheap VR style experience. Yes it is made out of cardboard too. The app gives you a full 360 degree view of the world and it is rather fun to see the detail in a lot of things around you as you glide on the back of a gryphon.

Warcraft is due out June 16, 2016. If another trailer or information releases we will have it for you right here on Cinelinx!

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