Secret Cameo Spotted For The Dark Knight Rises Brings Up More Plot Questions

For those that don’t care if this bomb assembles their body into tiny pieces, I have brought you news from the kingdom. Liam Neeson, who portrayed Ra’s al Ghul from Batman Begins, has been caught filming for The Dark Knight Rises.

Liam Neeson Ra's al Ghul

HitFix nabbed the scoop on this and later on in the day Latino Review chimed in on Twitter and confirmed that they saw the same thing.  That being the case, we’re going to treat this as news instead of a rumor.  But this brings to mind a ridiculous amount of questions, about the plot of the next Batman.

He only appeared to be on set shooting for one day, before returning back to New York. So this could be a very quick cameo, but of what kind? Is he brought back from the dead? Is it a flashback?Is Nolan ditching all he said he wouldn’t do and added sci-fi/fantasy elements to Batman finally? Either way, it appears as though the original Ra’s is going to be back in the film, so perhaps Nolan is letting a few more of those supernatural aspects come in.  I don’t think it would be too weird.  Hell, the first film centered around a fear inducing toxic cloud that could infect the city, along with a secret group of civilization destroying ninjas…You know, hyper-realistic stuff.

Liam Neeson Ra's al Ghul

Well I don’t know, I just want to see him kill Batman. Don’t get me wrong I love Batman as much as you, but that is the most interesting story I’ve read. Beyond series that require more heroes….okay I’m getting nerdy now.