See the Man Behind the Music in the First Trailer for Miles Ahead


This trailer was brought to us by Entertainment Weekly.

The story of Miles Davis is one of the most interesting tales, in the world of music.  So, it stands to reason that Don Cheadle would be the perfect man to play the late musician.  In fact, Cheadle was chosen to play this role by Vince Wilburn, Davis’ nephew, during Davis’ induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cheadle admits, ”I had not been reaching out for this role in any way, shape or form, There was a pronouncement made, I guess — a proclamation — that I was going to play his uncle in a movie.”

You can read the full interview in the link above.

I love this trailer, though.  Don Cheadle and Ewan McGregor are a perfect combination.  Furthermore, from the looks of it, Cheadle seems to have completely immersed himself as the music icon.  I actually grew up playing the trumpet and Miles Davis was one of my music heroes. He was actually a hero to a lot of aspiring musicians.  If done right, this could land Cheadle at least an Oscar Nomination.

I can’t wait for Miles Ahead to come out April 1, 2016.

Will you be watching?