Seth Green confirms the setting for his Star Wars comedy show

I think I might be one of the few fans who actually really want to see this new cartoon show.  I’m glad they’re going to be taking it into a comdeic approach and I feel Seth Green is the perfect person to do it.  He’s such a fan of Star Wars himself, he’s sure to fill it with fanboy humor and solid stories.

Outside of the show’s initial announcement not much news has come out about the show, and many fans have wondered where in the Star Wars timeline would this new series take place?  Would it be during the already heavily cluttered Clone Wars?  Or would it delve into the thick history taking place before that? 

Seth Green has confirmed that his show will take place during the Original Trilogy.  It’s a timeline that has been pretty much off-limits to other creators, but Lucas’ willingness to let Green go there gives me hope that this project is on the right track.  Here’s what Seth Green had to say:

“If you think about today’s culture and our America and the fact that we are actively at war for over the last ten years… There’s an ongoing war! Now, imagine that war was between the Rebels and the Empire and we’re on some off world called Los Angeles where we really have no interaction with any of that stuff. That’s kind of what this is.”

Star Wars is a story filled with action, but being a humorous cartoon many wondered if the new show would feature any action:

“No more action than your average Loney Toons  and Tom and Jerry. You know, it’s action in that sense, but we are focusing on things that are funny about the universe as opposed to the wars themselves.”

I’m excited to see what Green will do with the series, but personally it seems like it’s already on track.  I know many fanboys aren’t terribly excited about the idea, but for me Star Wars is Star Wars.  Stilll no word on an official release date, but I’m sure in the months to come we’ll find out plenty more.