Sex in the City 2 poster is a photoshop mess

Or, for that matter, the entire cast now that I look at it further. Yes, Sex and the City (series and movie) has portrayed these glamorous New York women as conquering the city with their style, character and overall pizzazz. The shimmery title fits perfectly, but the imposed cast on the desert sands loses credibility and history of the divas.

They are not empowered women, but fake, plastic barbies on the very verge of transforming into robotic mannequins aka Stepford Wives. Women can’t relate to this poster because of such reasons. After viewing the trailer, I hope it puts aside this horrible representation of the glorious four. The stylish clothes will be able to smooth things over; leave it to Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones to pull no stops when it comes to what’s hot in the fashion world.

For those who intend on seeing Sex and the City 2, it has rapidly sold advanced tickets for opening weekend. Fandago has reported that sales have reached 20 percent of their daily sales which compared to Kick-Ass brought in 17 percent. This film is rapidly out shining other movies that are opening before it. A small spoiler, be prepared to see Carrie’s faithful Mac to be replaced with a HP. SKYY Vodka will be the “official” vodka. They will be offering limited edition bottles designed by the costumer, Patricia Field. SaTC 2 has quite a line up for their musical selection including artists such as Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, Dido and Cee Lo; soundtrack goes on sale May 25.

Now for moment I have been waiting to share with you all; this is why we fell in love with the women of New York, just look at the wardrobe.

Photos from the SaTC 2 set curtesy LIFE