Sharlto Copley drops out of ‘I am Number Four”

I am Number Four is based on nine alien teenagers who flee to earth when their home planet is destroyed by evil invaders.  As they try to adapt to their new life the 4th alien (see where the name comes from?) discovers their enemy is after him for some reason. 

Panic and craziness ensues assuredly as this is a Bay/Spielberg produced film that’s directed by D.J. Caruso.  Well a major cast change-up has just happened on the film who had Sharlto Copely (who made his break out hit with District 9) signed on to play a fairly big role in the film.  It’s unfortunate but Copley explains that his current press obligations on his Fox film The A-Team will conflict too much with the filming schedule.

While it’s a disappointment to many of his fans (believe me, he was one of the big reasons I was even excited for the film), the studio has been quick to replace him as they want to maintain their current filming schedule.  Timothy Olyphant (Live Free or Die Hard, Justified) has been picked to replace Copley on the set. 


Say what you will about Olyphant, he’s not nearly as bad as everyone tries to say he is.  Sure Hitman wasn’t any good, but you can’t put all of the blame on him.