Sheen Uses Comedy Central to Battle Ashton Kutcher Replacement

According to Deadline, Sheen will be taking on Two and Half Men on behalf of Comedy Central the same day Ashton Kutcher makes his debut on Two and Half Men. Sheen will be taping the latest Comedy Central Roast in LA on September 10th. Anyone that has ever seen a Comedy Central Roast knows they get a bunch of comedians together and make fun of an old star. What better man to make fun of than Sheen? There has to be plenty of jokes running about.

The Roast is a very smart move on Sheen’s behalf. He will get a bunch of easy viewers, and like I said the comedians currently have plenty to work with. Hopefully he can use this as a lead. Most of the other Roasts have had stars that were near the end of their prime and didn’t bother to go on after another major gig. Sheen should do the opposite. Use this time to work with Comedy Central, show some comedic self esteem, and make a bunch of new fans. Perhaps get a new show that will interest people?

Or he could easily just keep living his high life, which doesn’t seem to be bugging him so far. So who is to complain? What do you think about this swift move to combat CBS? Is Sheen starting to sound jealous?