Short List of Actors to Play Green Lantern in the DCEU

Multiple sources are claiming that the new Green Lantern Corps movie is closer to picking an actor to play Hal Jordan. Last week they had settled on David Goyer and Justin Rhodes to pen the script and announcing that the movie would be using Green Lantern’s Hal Jordan and John Stewart, who Deadline felt the need to remind us is African-American. Well now a list saying Tom Cruise, Jake Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper, Joel McHale, Armie Hammer, Tom Cruise, and Ryan Reynolds. And while this is very early in the planning allow me a moment to give my opinion on each of these actors. The following views are not representative of and are Jason The X’s alone. My editor makes me put that in there.

·         Tom Cruise, no, absolutely not. While some are seeing a bit of resurgence with his career I don’t think he would give the role what it needed.  Plus this is supposed to be a buddy cop movie and feel like he would overshadow whoever is opposite him.

·         Joel McHale, I honestly think he would be good in this role. While I don’t think they’ll give it to him. He’s funny and I think he can pull off that cockiness needed to play Hal Jordan.

·         Bradley Cooper, a fine actor and can be absolutely charming and witty. I would have no problem except he possibly could overshadow an actor opposite him.

·         Jake Gyllenhaal, I’ve always thought he was a little funny looking and putting a domino mask on him would probably make that worse.

·         Armie Hammer, here’s my pick. I think he fits the role well and he just seems right for the role.

·         Ryan Reynolds, no seriously we’re trying to get someone to play Hal Jordan here.

Well there’s my picks and mind you we’re very far from this movie seeing the light of day but if you have a thought on it you know where the comments section is. Green Lantern Corps is projected for a July 24, 2020 debut.

-Jason The X

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