Six Reasons Why Civil War is the Opposite of Batman v Superman

The similarities between CA: Civil War and Batman v Superman are obvious…They’re both about the fear of beings with unchecked power and the philosophical differences between these powerful beings that leads to a violent conflict. Reading this, you might think both films are telling the same story. But maybe not. Looking at the trailers and the information we have so far, they may be polar opposites. Let’s look at the reasons why:

Reason 1)Captain America: Civil War focuses on a falling out between old friends. Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey) have known each other since the first Avengers film and by this point, they’re close pals. This film is the super hero version of a Break-up story. They don’t want to fight and they both seen saddened by the divide between them but their beliefs force them into opposite camps on the battlefield. Batman v Superman, on the other hand, is about two characters who have never met. All Batman (Ben Affleck) knows about Superman (Henry Cavill) is that he is a potential global threat, while Clark Kent is investigating the Gotham vigilante, who he knows nothing about except that Bats is a violent vigilante. These two see each other as enemies.

Reason 2) Marvel is introducing its most popular character—Spider-Man—to the MCU as young novice, who is recruited by Iron Man, who also gives him his nano-tech “underoos”. (When we first see him, he’ll be wearing a home-made suit with a hoodie). DC is introducing its most popular character—Batman—into the DCCU as a weary veteran who had left the hero business until he felt that he could no longer stand idly by and let things escalate.   

Reason 3) The Captain America film is about the break-up of an established team. The current Avengers team (Black Widow, Falcon, War Machine, Vison and the Scarlet Witch) break up into factions led by Cap and iron Man. Batman v Superman is about the formation of a soon-to-be-legendary group. The man of steel and the dark knight apparently put their differences aside and join Wonder Woman in fighting Doomsday. This alliance leads into the Justice League film where the team officially forms.

Reason 4) These films have opposite visual styles. Judging by the trailers, Batman v. Superman takes place almost entirely at night. Almost all the scenes we’re been shown so far are night tine scenes. As for the Captain America film, all the footage we’ve seen this far seem to be in daylight. Even the climactic battle between the two sides occurs during the day.

Reason 5) Batman v Superman is a one-on-one, mano-a-mano clash between the two biggest names in DC. The Captain America sequel is an all-star slugfest between most of the established MCU characters, (Except for Thor and Hulk) plus a few new ones.

Reason 6)Batman v Superman had some clear, established villains. Lex Luthor and Doomsday will add to the chaos of the whole conflict between the two heroes. In Marvel’s Civil War, we haven’t seen any main villains being involved in the story. Yes, we did get a glimpse of Crossbones and Baron Zemo is supposed to be involved somewhere, but they don’t seem to be main ingredients to the plot.

So there you are; Six reasons why Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War are telling stories which are more different than the premise of the films indicate.  Which one are you looking forward to most?