Skydance Rebooting Spy Kids with Robert Rodriguez

The Spy Kids franchise is getting a reboot, but don’t worry, they’re bringing back the original director, Robert Rodriguez, to handle it!

The goofy, yet incredibly fun, Spy Kids franchise is making a comeback. It’s crazy to think it’s been right at 20 years since the first film in the series released, but that means it’s in a prime position for a reboot. At least that’s what Skydance is hoping for.

Deadline is reporting that the studio has purchased the rights to the franchise and is working with Spyglass Media to reboot the films. Even better, they’re bringing in Robert Rodriguez (the original director/creator) to write and direct it. Technically speaking, this would make the second reboot, as the fourth film in the series put the focus on all new characters and stories.

Obviously things are in very early development at this point, so we shouldn’t expect a release date or more details any time soon. Still, it’s an exciting thing for fans to look forward to and we’ll be keeping up with all the news as it drops.