Slew of media and reports arise from the ‘Spider-Man’ reboot set

First up, let’s talk about the “J. Jonah Situation”.  According to IGN, J. Jonah Jameson’s part in the Spider-Man reboot has been filled…by no one.  An unknown (yet trusted) source claims that J. Jonah Jameson won’t be in the film at all.  Bummer, but could anyone really do a better job then J.K Simmons?  Well, I think not…but they should at least be able to try!

J.k Simmons

Next up, pictures, and lots of em’. A lot of people have been taking secret pictures on the set, and have of course given them to the internet. First up, a set of pictures by On Location Vacations:

Parking Lot

And here’s a more recent picture showing a web swinging Spidey (still only in filming mode, though):





Spider-man reboot


Now, a sweet picture showcasing the full Spider-Man outfit. Well it’s probably a tad different from what you will actually see in the film, this is as good an indication as any about how the new Spidey will look (via Maria Claire):


Spiderman suit

And finally, here’s a video showing the new Spider-Man (not Garfield, but a stuntman) in action:

And that’s all the Spider-Man set stuff we have for you today. However, at the rate these guys are going, check back tomorrow. Who knows what we’ll have by then. Maybe Sony will finally release a Spider-Man picture WITH his mask, in the daytime, and everything else that we want. Or maybe they’ll release a trailer…or two trailers. Hell, they will release the whole movie online. Okay, probably not, but still, stay tuned!