Son Of Shaft Has Been Cast

During the early 1970s. Blaxploitation films were on the rise. Shaft was one of the first, as well as one of the most popular. John Shaft was the private investigator who was “Hotter than Bond, cooler than Bullitt.” Played by Richard Roundtree in the original 3 films, Shaft was iconic in the 70s. In the year 2000 there was a requel made starring Samuel L Jackson as John Shaft II, the nephew of Roundtree’s John Shaft I. Now it looks like Paramount is looking to continue the franchise with the Son Of Shaft.

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Deadline is reporting that Independence Day: Resurgence star Jessie T Usher has been cast to play the son of Samuel L. Jackson’s John Shaft II, John Shaft III. Jackson will costar, with Roundtree also returning. John Shaft III is described as “the son of the detective, who, after long being estranged from his father, finds himself teamed up with him. The young man is an FBI agent, a cyber expert, and the partnership with dad is an uneasy collision of old school meets new school.” In other words Son of Shaft sounds like it will be in the buddy-cop drama. 

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The director behind Barbershop, Fantastic Four, and Ride Along, Tim Story, has been tasked to direct the upcoming film. Don’t worry, while Story hasn’t had the greatest track record, the script has some power behind it. Black-ish creator and Girls Trip screenwriter Kenya Barris. So there is hope yet for this second, requel.

With production slated to begin later this fall, all I can say is that as the one fan of 2000’s Shaft, I am fairly excited.


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