Sony Animated Spider-Man to feature Miles Morales

Sony Pictures through its Twitter today announced that the Spider-Man stand alone film would be directed by Bob Persichetti (Monsters Vs. Aliens/Mulan) and Peter Ramsey (Rise of the Guardians/Monsters Vs.Aliens). Also attached as executive producers will be Phillip Lord and Chris Miller. But the biggest news is this film will center on the previous Ultimate version and that is Miles Morales a.k.a. Spider-Man. 

Huge news as Miles has quickly become a very popular character in the Spider-Man family. His recent addition to the general Marvel Universe after the Secret Wars event and is being mentored by Peter Parker as he takes his own superhero job to a larger scale. He’s been teamed with Avengers, a new Champions group, and has been making his own story in this established universe. Now I love animated superhero movies and Miles actually has some room for some fleshing out of this character without having to stick too much to a set story. Now the movie is a long ways off with a projected debut of 12/21/2018 putting it right in the holiday season. Very exciting news as I’m a big fan of the character and now there’s only one thing to do, have Donald Glover voice him.

-Jason The X

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