Sony Finds Their Miles Morales

Miles Morales is the newest web head to hit the printed page, and late next year he will be the first Spider-Man other than Peter Parker to hit the big screen. Miles made news when first announced as the first a half-black half-Latino hero. He was voiced by Atlanta creator Donald Glover, who most people wanted to see play as a live action version before Tom Holland was announced. Unfortunately that is not how the cards were dealt. Instead we are getting our Miles Morales Spidey in animated form.

miles morales

THR is reporting now that Dope and The Get Down actor Shameik Moore has landed the voice role of Morales. I haven’t had the opportunity to see either of his major projects, but I have heard great things about them, him especially. Moore is poised to be a star, and his credits keep growing.


However that wasn’t all the information on the animated project that we got. We got our villain. While the character name is being held under wraps, we know that he will voiced by Liev Schreiber (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Spotlight).

Cotton about to shoot Debbie Loomis

The Untitled Film was written by Phil Lord, and is being executive produced by Lord and his directing partner Chris Miller. It is being directed by the team of Peter Ramsey (Rise of the Guardians), and The Little Prince writer Bob Persichetti. Sony has slated the film for a December 21 2018 release date.