Spielberg’s Ready Player One Adaptation Gets Release Date

The film set to be directed by Steven Spielberg and released by WB, Village Roadshow Pictures, and Dreamworks is set to release on December 15, 2017.

The latest script has been written by Zach Penn (X-Men). Ernest Cline, the writer of the book, had worked with Penn before thanks to the movie Atari: Game Over.

“Any film from Steven Spielberg is an event film, so it felt right to date this thrilling new project from one of our greatest filmmakers for the holiday season,” said Dan Fellman

The last time Spielberg worked with WB he released A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Spielberg is also working with Microsoft to create a Halo TV Series that has been rather quiet for over a year, but is still in development.

There are no casting details for the movie or further details at this time, but Spielberg has been signed on since March to direct the film.