Star Wars Celebration Art Brings New Rogue One Information

If you hadn’t heard, kicked off a new weekly “talk show” appropriately called the Star Wars Show, coming straight from the team at Lucasfilm.  As such, they have special guests and have promised exclusive news for viewers.  Today brings about some tidbits of interesting information, in the form of this utterly gorgeous artwork for Star Wars Celebration Europe (which you can see in high resolution below):

Star Wars Celebration 2016 Art 

It’s amazing to see a poster with almost entirely new characters on it from Star Wars movies, and it promises that fans are in for some fun in just a couple months.  While it’s certainly a beauty to behold, the real news coming from this are some names of the new Imperial troopers on display.  The Star Wars Show confirmed the black-clad troops are in fact Death Troopers, while also name dropping Shoretroopers and the all new AT-ACT (All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport).  


Death Troopers


It’s neat to get some official names on these (though leaks have seemingly given us that already), as we’ve been in a bit of a dry period for Star Wars information.  Hopefully that will break in July when Celebration brings us all sorts of new Rogue One goodies to gobble up.  In the meantime, we can at least enjoy this bit of info and artwork!

Star Wars Celebration Europe is happening on July 15-17th and we’ll be covering all the biggest news from the event, so be sure to keep it here on Cinelinx.