Star Wars Episode VII Chrome Trooper Revealed

Indie Revolver, who dropped a TON of leaked pictures from Star Wars: Episode VII a few weeks ago is back at it again.  Today, they’ve revealed the Chrome Trooper’s helmet design:

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There’s not a lot of word on where this came from, but I will say that I’ve seen this Chrome Trooper before as well (not this image), and yeah, this matches up.  What’s great about it, is that I can now talk about it!  I love this look.  It’s not overly gaudy like I worried about when I first heard word of this new Trooper.  It’s not straight up black either, but rather looks sleek and menacing. 

Rumor has it that these are some of the elite of the elite Stormtroopers out there, and some speculation has been out there that they could form the personal guard for one of the villains (Adam Driver specifically mentioned).  Supposedly, Driver’s character is a wealthy collector who seeks out Sith artifacts, and these Chrome Troopers are his minions.  Regardless of what they are, they look imposing and like they shouldn’t be trifled with.  

Hopefully this is the start of another deluge of information regarding Star Wars VII, because with Greenham common drying up, we’re starting to enter another drought.  I want to know what you guys think of the Chrome Trooper design!  Tell me your thoughts, and what you think they might be used for in the comments below!