Star Wars: Rogue One to be Composed by Alexandre Desplat

Last week brought the exciting news about Star Wars: Rogue One, the official title for Gareth Edwards’ Star Wars spin-off that’s set to hit theaters on December 16, 2016.  With production gearing up to begin on that film in just a couple months, more details about the team behind it are starting to come out.  Most recently, we’ve learned that John Williams will not be doing the score for Rogue One, but recent Academy Award winner Alexandre Desplat will be the new composer. 

Over the weekend, while talking with a French online radio show, Alexandre Desplat himself made the “announcement” saying that he will be working with Gareth Edwards again on the upcoming Star Wars movie.  I guess it doesn’t get much more official/confirmed than that! 

While some may worry about the iconic John Williams, who’s scored all of the live-action Star Wars films so far (including The Force Awakens), not returning, it’s not all that surprising either.  The man is getting old, and has been toning down his workload for a while now.  It’s too much to think he’d be able to score new Star Wars films every single year for the foreseeable future.  In bringing on Alexandre Desplat for a spin-off movie, it’s paving the way for Williams to pass the torch and be able to step back from the franchise. 

It’s an understandable and necessary transition, and personally, I can’t wait to see what other composers can do while playing around within the Star Wars universe.  I’m sure some of the “themes” and tones will remain at it’s core, but so it’ll be interesting to see how those are expanded.