Star Wars: The Force Awakens Character Names Revealed

Entertainment Weekly (those lucky bastards) got the exclusive from Lucasfilm to share the news with the world and finally give eager Star Wars fans some official names to go along with the characters we saw in the trailer.  The reveal is done in a cool way to throwback to the original films, as they’re presented like they’re the old Topps trading cards…that just so happen to reveal their names. Check out the major ones: 






So if you weren’t paying attention, here’s the breakdown: 

John Boyega – Finn
Daisey Ridley – Rey
Oscar Isaac – Poe Dameron
New Villain – Kylo Ren
Ball Droid – BB-8

What’s telling, is that the other two primary leads in the film (Ridley and Boyega) haven’t been given last names just yet.  This means it’s some sort of surprise and we’ve heard a few rumors about who’s kids they are.  I expect that reveal will come a little bit later, but for now, we can at least call these guys something.  The names given are only for those we’ve seen so far in the trailer, which means there’s a LOT more that we still don’t know.  We don’t know the name of Andy Serkis’ character, though he provided the voice, plus Gwendoline Christie, or Domhnall Gleeson.  

Plenty of more reveals to come, but for now, this is still very exciting!  Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18, 2015