Star Wars: The Force Awakens SDCC Panel Recap & Footage!

Star Wars certainly didn’t disappoint in Hall H this year, as the Lucasfilm panel brought in all of the new cast members, all of the original cast (including Harrison freaking Ford!), character reveals, and new looks at old characters thanks to a behind the scenes video.  In all, it was pretty great and gave eager fans plenty to chew on.  Below, I’ve bullet pointed some of the news in one spot to make it easy on you..but let’s start off with that BTS video which, thankfully, Disney has released online: 

* Simon Pegg’s cameo in the film is confirmed by the video. 

* A Cut of the film is done and they’re currently editing and “fine-tuning” as revealed by JJ Abrams. 

* A new trailer is coming “in the Fall”.


* The first new alien revealed in the original Force for Change video is officially Bobbajo and appeared on stage. 

* Adam Driver couldn’t talk much about Kylo Ren, but he spoke briefly about the ideas behind the character: “We didn’t really have a lot of conversations about bad or evil, actually, when we were shooting it. It was more what do you think the difference between being bad and being right?… Thinking their right is almost more evil. A group of people who have decided that they’re morally justified in behaving a certain way.”

Star Wars baddies

* The villains took the stage as well, finally revealing Domhall Gleeson’s character as a villain know as General Hux. 

* General Hux is the commander in charge of the First Order’s Starkiller base!  A great homage to the original name for Skywalker in the first draft of the original film.  

* Sadly, the other Star Wars films weren’t really talked about, but Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One will begin filming in three weeks, confirming an August start date.  


* While the video was behind the scenes stuff, it did offer some sweet images of the cast in costume, including our first official look at Princess Leia back in action!  

There were several other images show at the panel that haven’t officially made their way online yet.  We have some of them shown here, but we’ll update the site later as (if) they become available for the public at large.  

In all, the panel did a great job of showing off just enough to keep fans on their toes, with plenty of new imagery and ideas to think about, without giving it all away.  It was pretty great, and for those in attendance, they’re also getting a surprise Star Wars concert out of it as well.  Pretty amazing, and it’s only going to get better folks!  

So what do you guys think of all the new information and video?  Are you hyped? 


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