Stephen King’s Dark Tower series finally hitting the big screen?

The Dark Tower series is Stephen King’s magnum opus if you will.  Spanning seven books (an 8th one now on the way) with characters and elements from the series cropping up in almost every single book he’s written.  Personally I love it, and have struggled to find anything comparable to it.  It’s on the scale and level of The Lord of the Rings, but for a more modern era.

(the 1st in the series)

Since the first book reached #1 on the bestseller list decades ago many fans have clamored for a movie adaptation.  Epic gun battles, magic, and one of the most bad-ass protagonists to ever exist the series almost begs for a movie.  Over the past several years as King wrapped up the saga there have been many rumors about a big screen outing, but nothing ever really came of it.  Fans got their first big chance to get excited when J.J. Abrams was about to helm the franchise, but due to his other projects he ended up giving the rights back to King.

Well prepare your hearts again, as it looks possible that a film is in the works.  The ‘report’ is that the creative team who successfully adapted The Da Vinci Code for the silver screen could be behind The Dark Tower next.  Both Warner Bros and Universal are showing some interest in the project. As yet nothing major has been confirmed, but some rumors now floating around say that they are putting together a trilogy and a television series at the same time.  The trilogy I can believe, but the series, meh.

(the final book in the series)

Like I said, until there is something official, take all of this with a grain of salt.  I’m excited, and very hopeful this turns out to be true, but I will reserve my full on geek-out orgasm until there’s something more concrete.