Stephen Sommers will not return for the ‘G.I Joe’ sequel

I don’t hate G.I Joe.  How can you hate something you don’t even remember?  Honestly, I completely forgot this movie even existed.  I think my reaction upon its release was quite positive, with words such as “You could do worse” and “It sucks less then Transformers!” being featured heavily in my review (it was 2009, so me).  However, that doesn’t mean I hate G.I Joe.  It simply means I don’t give a damn about his sequel.


And so doesn’t Stephen Sommers, apparently.  Way back in the hipster age of 2010, Sommers apparently committed to return to the sequel.  Well, I guess he lied.  Oops.  24 Frames reported that Sommers left the project, confirmed by a dual comment from a couple of Hollywood agents.  Apparently, Paramount had contacted the agents about having their clients fill in for Sommers.  Well, already trying to replace him.  At least the agent’s client know that they have a shot at the gig.  And knowing…is a pretty considerable advantage in any type of competition.


Still the best part.


The film has no release date, but is currently being written by Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.  If anything, maybe they’ll be able to bring some much needed fun to the franchise.  Or was it fun?  My god, I don’t even remember…wasn’t Darth Maul in it?

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