Suicide Squad 2 Finds a Director

It has been a hectic run for DC. We had grand start with Superman and Batman decades ago but they both eventually fell. We had a return with help of Christopher Nolan, then jumped to a much divided universe that we are currently on our edges of our seats to argue over. While Wonder Woman has given us hope, there are still a very mixed to negative reactions of Suicide Squad. We know that the release of the film will be dropped back a little bit due to Will Smith’s packed schedule. It looks like they will begin production in late 2018 for a 2019 release. And now we have a writer, and possible director.

With David Ayer’s departure after the first film, we have been looking for someone new to run the ship. Suicide Squad 2 is a big priority for WB along with Shazam! to start production in 2018 and we have now added Gavin O’Connor to bring us a new script based on Zach Penn’s original draft.

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O’Connor is most well-known for Miracle and Warrior, films about underdogs coming in and bringing the fight so he is a smart choice, not to mention his current history with WB. He currently has a sequel to his The Accountant in development over at WB that stars our on again, off again, possible DCEU Batman Ben Affleck. O’Connor not only set to bring the new script to WB, but he will most likely be taking over the director’s chair for the film as well.