Taika Waititi is Adolf Hitler in Teaser for JOJO RABBIT

The first teaser for Taika Waititi‘s JOJO RABBIT has arrived, depicting a brilliant satirical version of Adolf Hitler you have to see to believe. More within…

We all had imaginary friends, growing up. Whether it was in the form of a stuffed animal or an overall made up person, we had them. However, I doubt any of us ever had an imaginary friend like JoJo’s.

Meet Adolf Hitler, JoJo’s imaginary friend, in the first teaser for Taika Waititi‘s JOJO RABBIT

Writer director Taika Waititi (THOR: RAGNAROK, HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE), brings his signature style of humor and pathos to his latest film, JOJO RABBIT, a World War II satire that follows a lonely German boy (Roman Griffin Davis as JoJo) whose world view is turned upside down when he discovers his single mother (Scarlett Johansson) is hiding a young Jewish girl (Thomasin McKenzie) in their attic. Aided only by his idiotic imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler (Taika Waititi), Jojo must confront his blind nationalism.

The teaser does a great job of acknowledging that this entire movie is purely satire. In the PC world we live in, it was smart on Waititi’s part. The teaser also features a few unforeseen A-List cameos like Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell. Of course, Waititi and the children he’s directing take hold of the spotlight; helping JOJO RABBIT look that much more interesting.

JOJO RABBIT releases in theaters on October 18, 2019.