Power Rangers Trailer: Angsty Teens Become Superheroes

Now they did release this earlier this morning and there’s grainy not HD video of it but hey I want to appreciate those in full resolution. I’m lying, I watched those like 20 times but I want better for you.

But back to my earlier point, these characters aren’t teenagers with attitudes they’re teenagers with some problems. They don’t feel likable right now so I think we’re going to see the unlikely hero story. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way we see the power coins which not only seem to grant them morphing abilities but enhance the human side as well. But we’ve seen this sort of thing in various Ranger and Sentai series. But best believe this is just a teaser since we only got a peek at the suits and nothing of Zordon, Alpha, the zords, but that is promised for today at some point so keep it here for more news

-Jason The X

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(update) Overall I don’t like the trailer. Too much teen angst not enough zords. But it is just a teaser.