Tenet Gets International Release Date; Select US Cities Come Later

Warner Bros. has announced their theatrical release plans for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, confirming an international release with the staggered approach in the States.

The other week Warner Bros. slapped Tenet with an “indefinite delay” seeking to figure out a more concrete release plan for the film rather than continually delaying it week after week. Today, they’ve announced what they’ve come up with. As many of us suspected, they’ll be going with a staggered release approach.

Tenet will release internationally (70 different countries around the globe) on August 26th, while it will open only to SELECT CITIES (i.e. the ones who have their shit together and can safely open theaters) on September 3rd. So yes, this means you’ll really have to be on the lookout for spoilers if you’re looking to avoid them.

I’m interested in seeing how this plays out, as it’s obvious WB is hoping to play the long game with Tenet and hoping to make up costs by keeping it in theaters longer than a typical run. I’m really curious to see how this will affect the home entertainment release window. Will they wait until it’s hit all the theaters have had a run at it, or still release a 4K/Blu-Ray just 2-3 months after?

We’re in brand new territory now! What do you think about this staggered approach to Tenet‘s release?