TFW First Look: Black Light

I wasn’t exactly certain what to expect when I first walked into the auditorium for a Q&A with writer Stephen Romano regarding his new book Black Light.

Co-written with Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, two SAW collaborators and the creators of The Collector, Stephen read us the first chapter of Black Light, an intriguing supernatural detective novel with stylish roots steeped in Dylan Dog (the comic) and Constantine (the comic).

Visual and gritty, Black Light follows the journey of its protagonist as he takes on spirits of all ilks and brings justice to the living.  Afterwords, Stephen speaks about the process of writing with two of the biggest names in Horror film production, what he took away from the experience, and exactly what the publishing house thought of his original drafts.

Enjoy this first ever preview of Black Light.

{minimp3 romano.mp3|Romano}