TFW Q&A: Robert Englund

From 1977’s Eaten Alive to V: The Series to A Nightmare on Elm Street, there hasn’t been a horror icon with the impact of Robert Englund since the days of Hammer Horror films starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

Having appeared in almost 80 feature films and in dozens of television appearances, Englund is both a legend in horror and a legend in all of Hollywood.  He has worked with nearly everyone in the industry and he has the often strange and absurd stories to prove it.

One amazing thing to be mentioned about Robert is his incredible knowledge of the history of cinema and the giants who came before him.  Unlike many of this generations celebrities who know very little about the business they are apart of, Robert stands with the legends who know the industry that built their careers.

It is this profound respect and admiration he has for the business of filmmaking and its rich history that goes to show exactly why he has been a staple in Hollywood since the late 70’s, an actor and director whose legendary status has crossed generations.

To hear all about Robert’s history in the business, what exactly happend to the Nightmare on Elm Street TV series, and just what game he, Mark Hamil, and Melanie Mayron played after the Star Wars auditions, click the link below.

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