TFW Q&A: The Human Centipede

There isn’t anything anyone can say that can prepare you for the sheer level of horrific insanity that is reached with The Human Centipede.

Honestly, you could roll Hellraiser, 8MM, Event Horizon, Jacob’s Ladder, and Requiem for a Dream into a giant ZigZag, smoke it in one drag, and you still wouldn’t achieve or fully comprehend what Director Tom Six accomplished in his first major feature.  For those who have still not been able to psych themselves into watching it, being honest, don’t do yourself the disservice.

Yes, it’s gory. Yes, it’s brutally violent.  Yes, it’s absolutely sickening to watch.  But The Human Centipede is also a milestone in the Horror genre.  It is also an opportunity to see a director work who is absolutely unafraid of what anyone has to say about him or his work.  He is unabashed, unapologetic, unforgivingly honest and completely in love with this industry.

Be damned anyone who tells him different.

But despite the hype and all the bad press, TMP had a chance to sit down with the rockstar director and his leading man, German character actor Dieter Laser, to discuss the inspiration behind the sickness, any details on Human Centipede 2 (it’s bigger, it’s messier), and just what Tom Six thinks of pedophiles.

Enjoy the madness!

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