TFW 2011 Zombie Walk

The following transcript was delivered to us from our TFW correspodant.  If you have seen him please contact immediately.  Be advised that reports are sketchy and authorities have not issued any statements at this time.

*Warning: The following images some may find disturbing.  Viewer discretion advised.

8:00 AM Discovered outbreak near 114 and Freeport

8:09 AM The infection is spreading rapidly and appears to be mutating some of the undead

8:14 AM Sighted roughly 200 undead near 114

8:16 AM Ran into Survivors who promised protection as we journey to safety

8:32 AM Assaulted by numerous undead

8:47 AM Discovered possible source of infection, massive mutant or demonic force


8:50 AM Survivor group engages demonic creature, we lose one member

8:55 AM Zombie Wranglers arrive to assist

9:12 AM Survivors wage a brutal battle against the undead as we travel

9:22 AM Survivors swarmed by the undead

9:27 AM Demonic creature discovered alive

9:34 AM Lost another survivor

9:42 AM Another survivor taken

9:50 AM Safe location in sight

9:57 AM Undead Horde has beaten us to the location

10:00 AM Made it inside…lost everyone…arm hurts…but I’m sure I’ll be ok…