The 1st Trailer for Avengers: Endgame Has Arrived!

It’s been one of the biggest questions among Marvel fans as 2018 winds to a close: when is the first trailer for Avengers 4 coming and what is the film going to be called? This morning we finally received an answer to both questions as the first trailer is here and the title is Avengers: End Game (which had long been rumored to be the subtitle for the follow up to the reality-shattering Infinity War):

Understandably, the teaser doesn’t reveal too much in terms of plot but we are given some key snippets of information. For one, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is drifting through space in the Milano, apparently on the verge of running out of oxygen (no word on where Nebula (Karen Gillan) is). The surviving Avengers on Earth (mostly Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Captain America (Chris Evans)) confirm what we already know: that Thanos (Josh Brolin) did in fact wipe out 50% of all life. And speaking of Thanos, we also get a quick glimpse of the Mad Titan walking through his farm that we last saw at the end of Infinity War. Hawkeye’s (Jeremy Renner) reappeared in his new persona of Ronin, looking incredibly worse for wear (I’m going to speculate that his family crumbled into dust), and we see other survivors trying to process that they lost everything. And then at the very end comes one slight glimmer of humor: Scott Lang (Ant-Man) (Paul Rudd), who everyone thought was dead, reappears at the entrance to Avengers headquarters asking to be let in (we know he survived due to a post-credits scene in Ant-Man & The Wasp). 

This is a short and sweet trailer that is doing plenty to whet our appetites for what is to come. According to the trailer, Avengers: End Game will arrive in April, and the Russo Brothers have confirmed that the film will arrive on April 26th, 2019. Avengers: End Game is directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo.