The Batman set for Summer 2021

In an Exclusive obtained by Deadline, The Batman is officially set to go into production, and Matt Reeves is still at the helm. It looks like that will not change anytime soon as it will be his vision of the Dark Knight. Not only is this project officially set, but we also have a release date, right smack in the middle of the summer of 2021, on June 25th.

Since Reeves boarded the project in February of 2017, the biggest question has been where does BatFleck fit in this film? Rumors swirled that the film would actually follow the Year One story line, going back to the beginning with a younger Bruce Wayne.


Now that The Batman is officially set, we can confirm that this is the case, partly. Our Batman will be a younger Batman that we have come to know in this current DCEU, and Ben Affleck will not be our Caped Crusader. Affleck tweeted about the project saying:

Reeves has said that story will not necessarily be that of Year One, but will involve a much younger Bruce Wayne then Affleck has portrayed. No word on if this film will take place within the same cannon as the rest of the DCEU, only time will tell. With roughly 2 and half years until the film’s release, we look forward to the news that is to come.