The Cinelinx Recap: Black Panther, Punisher, Star Wars and More

The Black Panther hit us with a surprise trailer from nowhere and it looks so great. This is in my opinion one of the best trailers from Marvel I have seen. As if I needed more to get me excited for this movie.

The Black Panther Trailer looks great

Director Ron Howard over Twitter gave us the official title for the next Star Wars Story movie and it’s kind of a no brainer.

Ron Howard announces official title for next Star Wars movie

Marvel and Netflix give us the release date of the upcoming Punisher series and fans are saying they may be a week late.

New Trailer for The Punisher

EA once again disappointed as we learn of the fate of Visceral Studios.

EA shuts down Visceral Studios

And Battlefront II is right around the corner so of course it’s time for another trailer for the story mode.

New Battlefront 2 trailer


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