[Update] The Dark Tower Movie Delayed Into Summer 2017

[Update: At the time of the initial report this morning, a new release date hadn’t been given.  Fortunately we didn’t have to wait long as the new release date is officially, July 28, 2017.]

While eager fans of The Dark Tower might be bummed about this morning’s news of a delay (which comes from Entertainment Weekly), it shouldn’t be all that surprising either.  To be entirely honest, when they announced filming had started earlier in the year and they were still intent on sticking to their February 2017 release date, I raised my eyebrows.  

It shortened the post-production time to a meager six months and that doesn’t give the filmmakers much time to polish the visual effects.  According to EW’s sources on the matter, that’s exactly why the delay was put in place.  On top of wanting more time to polish visuals and make the film look as good as possible, it sounds like marketing time also plays a part in the upcoming delay.  

February is only four months out, and the film hasn’t seen a trailer yet.  Heck, it was supposed to show off footage at a recent event, but at the last minute cancelled their appearance because the footage wasn’t ready.  As such, this delay makes a whole lot of sense, and I’m surprised it’s taken them this long to make that decision.  I want to see The Dark Tower as much as anybody (it’s one of my favorite book series), but I’ve waited through three different studios, countless directors, and false starts…I think I can wait a few more months. 

As of now, there’s no new release date given, but considering the delay hasn’t been formally announced just yet, that’s not surprising.  When a new date is announced, you can be sure we’ll keep you updated!