The First Photo for Ender’s Game Is Here—Boy is Ender Tall!

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly (who premiered the image), here’s the full image below:

fl-enders-game 510x380

Yeah, not a whole lot to go off of, but there’s a couple things of note. First, its strange to see how tall these kids are, further suggesting that the age limit will be hiked up quite a bit to not shock viewers to much. Which yeah, does kind of suck but, hey, at least they aren’t 17 years old. They still look pre-pubescent, at least in my opinion. And against all odds, Harrison Ford is looking perfect as Hyrum Graff, at least more so than I expected him to look.

Expect to see very little of Ender’s Game until Spring 2013 at the earliest, in which I predict it’s marketing campaign will REALLY begin.

The film opens November 1, 2013.