The Man of Steel is in Trouble With the Law in New Poster

For me, one of the things that makes a movie poster good (and not just average), besides great design, is that it makes you think.  It should give some hint of the plot, or make you intrigued enough to want to know more about the film.  After all, the whole purpose of movie posters are marketing, and making you want to see the film.  It’s because of this, that I am really digging this new Man of Steel poster:

Man of Steel poster

The composition isn’t the greatest, and is kind of blurry/fuzzy, but in all, I like it.  First of all, I like that Superman is front and center, and Henry Cavill LOOKS like Superman.  The dude has just nailed the appearance and looks bad ass to boot.  What’s interesting about this poster, though, is him being in hadcuffs and escorted by the military. 

So he’s obviously run into them in a bad way somehow, but more importantly, he’s obviously turning himself in.  He’s Superman, if he didn’t want to be in handcuffs, he wouldn’t be, and the military couldn’t do a damn thing about it.  This makes me curious to see what circumstances led to this particular image. 

What do you guys think about this new poster?