The Matrix 4 Moves Back Into 2021

matrix bullets.0

Even as Warner Bros moved most of their upcoming DC film slate into 2022 and beyond, one ray of sunshine is we’ll get to see The Matrix 4 sooner.

As this past week has brought about a slew of new release date changes (including Dune and a bunch of DC movies) I’m going to take the good news where I can get it. The Matrix 4, which was originally slated to hit in May 2021, but amid a bout of shuffling over the Summer, was bumped to April 2022.

Now it’s moving once again! This time, however, it’s coming forward (which probably means the resuming production is going better than expected) and will now arrive on December 22, 2021. It’s still not as early as we would have seen it, but I’m definitely excited to be able to see this one next year.

As I’ve been doing quite a bit of lately, I have updated the 2021 Movie Release Schedule. So check it out for everything else coming next year.