The Original Star Wars Trilogy has Been Converted to 4K…What Now?

Our buds over on MakingStarWars directed our attention to Reliance MediaWorks (a company who has done post-production and conversion work on a number of Hollywood projects) that lists one of their latest projects as having converted the original Star wars trilogy (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi) into the sexy 4K resolution format.  This is awesome news to be sure, as the super HD format is a great way to watch great films, but we’re just not sure what they’re doing with it. 

Obviously something is going to be done with it, as money wouldn’t be spent on converting it without a purpose.  There have been rumors that the entire Star Wars saga would be released digitally for people to enjoy, so perhaps this is something related to that.  That’s actually my guess as to what these are being used for.  While it would be nice to see them once again re-released in theaters, I’m not sure if that’s in the cards. 

This is a weird, gray area, since 20th Century Fox as a distributor to the original films still holds some of the theatrical rights.  It’s the real reason those planned 3D conversions stopped being worked on.  Some fans online have been wondering which version of the films were converted, and I think we can safely say they’re going to be the Special Edition ones.  Seriously, it’s the version George Lucas has said is definitive and with Disney’s push toward all things related to that trilogy (getting people ready for the sequels), I don’t see them changing that.  

We’re going to have to wait and find out, but just sit tight in the knowledge that there’s a ridiculously high definition version of your favorite Star Wars films in existence. 

What do you think will be done with them now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!