The Recap: Power Rangers, Han Solo, and Call of Duty

This week, Lionsgate, revealed the suits for the upcoming Power Rangers movie, and let me tell you, as a fan…I am sold on these designs. We now know who’s going to be playing the young version of our favorite scruffy smuggler and it may come as a surprise to you. The Russo Brothers, between taking what I can only assume are money baths, took time to tell us that Avengers Infinity War would be being retitled to something else, which they didn’t know but there’s plenty of time to decide. Dishonored 2 has finally given us more details to the game considering we first heard of this at last years E3. Finally Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare introduces and element to the game we haven’t seen as of yet: 

News happens every day. Some are massive, jaw dropping scoops, while others may fly under the radar. The Recap is here to highlight the best/most interesting news scoops from the week, that you may have missed or forgot about in the deluge of other news stories.  

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