The Recap: Stallone, Captain America, and Fable Legends

Casting news for Justice League and J.K. Simmons and Disney star Zendaya is playing Michele Gonzalez in the next Spider-Man movie. Fans of the Fable series may have to face facts that Lionshead Studios may be shutting down. Lastly you can finally use that Beta code you got with Wolfenstein for some DOOM Beta action. Check out the links to all the stories below and go hit the weekend right in the face with some current events ammunition. You’re welcome.

News happens every day. Some are massive, jaw dropping scoops, while others may fly under the radar. The Recap is here to highlight the best/most interesting news scoops from the week, that you may have missed or forgot about in the deluge of other news stories.  

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Stallone in the new Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

Team Iron Man or Team Cap this trailer is awesome

Justice League casts Commissioner Gordon

Zendaya playing Spider-Man’s Love interest

Fable Legends officially cancelled

DOOM Beta codes usable now?

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