The Red Riding Hood Trailer: Amanda Seyfried Dons the Famous Red Hood

Red Riding Hood (2011) – Will the big bad wolf finally get the girl?

So enter Catherine Hardwicke. Yes, that Catherine Hardwicke. She is no stranger to dark and angsty films, and after Twilight, this seems to be a perfect match for her. I mean, after you’ve directed vampires, it should be no problem to make a movie about a big bad wolf. There is a definite don’t go into the woods kind of feel to it, and at its heart is the message that warns girls to stay away from bad boys. (Sound familiar?) On the surface, this film does have a Twilight -esque atmosphere, but in its defense, we are dealing with a movie about supernatural occurrences and creatures. If nothing else, Red Riding Hood might make you remember how nervous you felt as a kid when you first heard the story. And the trailer does makes one wonder if the wolf will finally get the girl.



Straight from the pen of a 17th century writer (who got it from a folklore tale even earlier than that), to the pages of the Brothers Grimm, and now to silver screens near you, don’t dissect the film looking for deep and philosophic meaning. Even if that is what the original writer intended, this film directed by Hardwicke is simply intended as pure entertainment.


Red Riding Hood (2011) – Amanda Seyfried and Shiloh Fernandez

Starring Amanda Seyfried as Valerie, a.k.a. Red Riding Hood herself, Gary Oldman, Virginia Madsen, and Julie Christie, this movie has a strong cast and has as good a chance to succeed as it does to fail. No matter what happens though, with Catherine Hardwicke at the helm, I’m pretty sure we’ll get to see a lot of teenage angst and forbidden love; and that isn’t always a bad thing at the box office. Especially in this post Twilight era. Red Riding Hood lurks into theaters March 11, 2011.