The Rise of Skywalker Gets New Footage and Character Posters

Thanks to a brand new TV spot, Star Wars fans have tantalizing new footage of The Rise of Skywalker to enjoy, along with character posters to boot! 

It’s that wonderful time of year friends, when the big marketing push for the new Star Wars movie is going full steam ahead! Yesterday gave us new images and magazine coverage, but also delivered a brand new TV spot. Unlike the others that have been using recut footage from the trailers, this latest spot features plenty of new footage to drool over:

Look at that LEAP! I love it and need more. While it’s only a brief clip, the footage we get sure is impressive and brings about even more questions. As if all that wasn’t enough, today also delivers character posters for the film:

There’s also quite a bit of fun going on around Twitter right now with a ridiculous amount of new Star Wars hashtag emojis featuring characters throughout the entire Saga. It’s crazy to think we’re only a month away from seeing how it all ends…

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20, 2019.