The ‘Rise of the Apes’ has started

It’s a glorious day for fans of Planet of the Apes, and especially for those who’ve been eagerly anticipating the prequel/remake, Rise of the Apes.  Filming has started in Mammoth Studios in Burnaby, Canada on the next film which shows how the titular Apes come into power.  While Conquest of the Planet of the Apes already told this tale, the filmmakers have altered the story from the original.

The story centers on a scientist (played by James Franco) who is searching for a cure to Alzheimer’s and the tests he performs on Caesar (the main primate of the film played by Andy Serkis) creates a highly intelligent ape.  What ensues after that is a war fro supremacy which if you watched the previous films, you’ll know how it ends.

Of note here is that it appears as though the film may have undergone yet another name change.  Originally the film started life as Caesar, then recently it changed over to Rise of the Apes.  According to a local newspaper in the area, the production has reached a compromise and might be going by Caesar: Rise of the Apes.  For now we’re going to treat that as a rumor, as it might well be a reporter’s misinterpretation of the two names.

Recently I re-watched Tim Burton’s Apes remake, and it wasn’t terrible.  By no means was it great, and age has not done the title well, but it’s not as bad as I initially remembered.  I have high hopes for this film, but judging on what they did in the past, I have some fear as well.  They’ve got a strong cast, and a great effects team behind them with WETA, so the cards are stacked in their favor so far.  Let’s just hope the story can hold up and we’ll see a great film come June 24 2011.