The Script For A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas Sounds Bong-a-rippic!

Harold and Kumar are in their 30s and haven’t spoke to each other in a long time at the start of the movie.  Harold is married and has his life together, while Kumar is still living in their old apartment.  Kumar is a doctor but recently got his medical license suspended for smoking weed.  A package for Harold arrives at their old apartment and Kumar delivers it to Harold’s house, setting off a chain of hilarity.

Kumar starts it off by accidentally burning down a Christmas tree specially grown by Harold’s father-in-law down, which means they have to go try to find a replacement, which of course with involve shenanigans and drugs.  Those shenanigans will involve a toy called Wafflebot (Wafflebot is so hot right now), a drug abusing baby, and Neil Patrick Harris (who Vulture says died in Harold and Kumar 2, but those of us who watched the whole movie know he was shown alive after the credits).  Harris will be hosting a TV Christmas special with Kelly Ripa, which I can only assume will be the greatest Christmas special ever.


The movie also has a 5 page claymation sequence involving an evil snowman that quotes Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr Freeze character from Batman & Robin.  He is of course a hallucination brought about by some psychoactive eggnog that Harold and Kumar ingest.

All in all it sounds like it will stack up to the first two films, and it has the added bonus of being a Christmas movie which bumps it up in my books.  There are reports that Kal Penn will be is leaving his post at the White House to do this film, and if they are true the movie is shooting for a Christmas 2011 or 2012 release date.  New Line is seriously considering shooting it in 3D but that seems a bit unnecessary given that the target audience will already be ripped out of their gourd and will probably think they are seeing 3D already.  Anyway I look forward to another wonderful adventure with my old buddies Harold and Kumar.