The Script for ‘Bill and Ted 3’ is Done

You know how as time goes by, fashion trends from previous generations come back in style?  Well believe it or not, the same thing happens with movie franchises.  What was cool in the 1990’s, well not cool a couple years, is cool again.  It’s like, retro man.  Yeah, I don’t get it either.

But that doesn’t seem to be stopping Hollywood taking advantage of our nostalgia.  For this reason among others, production on a third Bill and Ted movie has been ramping up as of late.  Keanu Reeves started discussions about a year ago, and he hasn’t shut up about it ever since.  That’s what happens when you’re career sucks, I assume.  Anyhow, original Bill and Ted screenwriters Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon have been hard at work fufilling Reeves inner desires, and it seems they have finished it.

Alex Winters and Keanu Reeves

Alex Winter, the Bill to Reeves’ Ted, confirmed via Twitter that he has received a finish script to the third film.  Winters, who’s now 45 years old (yup), claims he has just received the script and is prepping to read it:

“@antmaurizio: Bill & Ted 3, less than 6 weeks away and counting? Movie is gonna kick some ass.” > Just got the script. And now to read…

So yup, this could actually happen.  Sure it needs the approval of both actors and the studio making it (which I have no idea who that could be), but its possible we can see a new Bill and Ted by next year.  That’s so surreal.  And a little sad as well.  Are Reeves and Winter so desperate for work that they have to visit their most iconic characters to get it?  Oh, and Hollywood and reboots and stuff like that.


Despite this, I’m actually looking forward to another Bill and Ted. That’s a movie from my childhood that, although I haven’t seen it in forever, I will myself to think is still awesome.  Because it is.  And don’t you say anything about it.